Waypoint All Weather Portfolio

Waypoint All Weather Portfolio

Strategy Overview

Investment Objective

Waypoint's core public equity portfolio is designed to deliver superior risk adjusted returns across market cycles.

How We Invest

The Portfolio:

We construct a portfolio of businesses that we categorize as either "Capital Distributors" or "Capital Compounders"

Capital Distributors have a cash flow focus that translates into high dividend yields. They have aligned management teams that sustain and grow the dividends and maintain modest financial leverage to navigate difficult economic environments. They typically make up 70-90% of the portfolio.

Capital Compounders have economic models that compound capital at or above their cost of capital. Management is accelerating growth using capital available through public markets. They tend to be small-to-midcap companies not broadly covered by analysts. They typically make up 10-30% of the portfolio

Put Option Overlay:

We purchase put options to reduce the impact of corrections and serve as portfolio protection. Put premiums are funded from a portion of the dividend income generated by the equity portfolio

Fundserv Details

Series F Fund Code: WAY303

Portfolio Facts & Highlights

  • 1/3 of portfolio {$500M Market Cap, 1/3} $2.5B Market Cap

  • 50% of companies are not included in Exchange Traded Funds

  • 50% of portfolio revenues are outside of Canada

  • 4-6% Target Portfolio Yield

  • 95% of portfolio pays a dividend

  • 65% of portfolio has insider ownership greater than 10%

Fee Structure

  • Base Fee: 1.0%
  • Performance Fee: 15% over the High Watermark (as defined in the prospectus)

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